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  • Original Release Date: January 1, 2016
  • Label: Off the Edge Productions, Llc
  • Copyright: 2016 Off the Edge Productions, Llc
  • Total Length: 49:26

Lyrics and Music Written By: Paul Marturano

  • 1. Dream Big, Fear Nothing
  • 2. Strong For You
  • 3. Love People, Use Things
  • 4. It’s Love
  • 5. Shut Up and Live
  • 6. Those Crazies
  • 7. Let It Go
  • 8. Permanently
  • 9. Shouldn’t Be Let Down
  • 10. Father
  • 11. Go To Sleep

Reflection is a group of songs written by Paul Marturano which he wrote to educate himself, create joy, ease painful situations and create inspiration. Many of us have similar life experiences and each song will relate to each listener based on their own lives. These are the experiences that caused Marturano to write the songs.

Track 1 Dream Big, Fear Nothing
Dream Big, Fear Nothing was written after Marturano finished reading Napoleon Hill’s, Think and Grow Rich. The wise old man mentioned in the song is Napoleon Hill. Marturano was so impressed with the lessons from this book that he never wanted to forget what he had read. He was inspired to construct Hill’s life changing lesson on thought into a song.

Track 2 Strong For You
Strong For You was written about 6 months after the death of someone very close to Marturano on a chilly autumn day as he walked through the neighborhood where the person had passed. The song still brings him to tears when he performs it live.

Track 3 Love People, Use Things
Marturano began writing Love People, Use Things for his mother when she lost her second leg to diabetes. He placed parts of the lyrics within her eulogy but did not finish the song until weeks after her passing. The song is wisdom that he learned from his Mother. Though she did not get to hear the song when she was alive, Paul is sure she is listening now and smiling

Track 4 It’s Love
No explanation needed. 

Track 5 Shut Up and Live
When Marturano was growing up, his father would often tell him that excuses are made for failures. This was the main inspiration for Shut Up and Live, which Marturano wrote to remind himself not to waste time making excuses or complaining but to take action and solve problems.

Track 6 Those Crazies
Those Crazies is a comment about poor leadership, corruption and staying away from those with “the dollar signs in their eyes”

Track 7 Let It Go
In a span of 11 months, Marturano lost both of his parents. Let It Go is about leaving the pain and loss behind and beginning to dream again.

Track 8 Permanently
Marturano wrote permanently to remind himself that whenever things seem so bad like there is no way out, It is possible for things to turn around and become even better than they were before in an instant.

Track 9 Shouldn’t Be Let Down
Marturano wrote this song at age 22 back in 1999 after a video tape of a song he wrote was shown on Fox’s Magic Johnson Show. He received a call that they were going to fly him out to Los Angeles to be on the show. A few days later, he received another call that it wasn’t going to happen. Sorry to see the opportunity slip away, he wrote Shouldn’t Be Let Down

Track 10 Father
Paul Marturano is the youngest of 11 children. Marturano’s Father worked 2-3 jobs his whole life to support the family. At age 19, Marturano was looking for a way to tell his Father how much he appreciated and loved him and wrote the song, Father. Paul made a video of family pictures to go along with the song and gave it to his Father for Father’s Day. After his father passed, in 2011, Marturano updated the song lyrically and rerecorded it for Reflection

Track 11 Go To Sleep
Go To Sleep is a Lullaby for the one you love.

Reflection features the Piano Playing and Vocals of Paul Marturano but would not be the same without the extraordinary musicianship of:

Mark Kain – Guitar
James Darlington - Bass
Frank Romond –Drums

and the production talents of Carmen Verderosa

Marturano is grateful to have had the opportunity to work with such a talented group!

Reflections was produced at Off the Edge Productions, LLC in New Hope, PA and Woodrock Studios in Raritan, NJ
Piano for Love People, USe Things recorded at The Silver Jukebox Recording Studio in Silver Spring, MD

Mixed and Mastered by the extremely talented Carmen Verderosa

Reflection – (definition) serious thought or consideration. Pondering Meditation

Please enjoy the ride!

Paul Marturano

 5 Out of 5 Stars - Ricky Kej (Grammy Winner)

Throughout listening to this album, one thought that ran through me constantly was how apt and meaningful lyrics can uplift a song to another dimension; and here is an entire album of 11 such powerful and wonderful songs! Starting with "Dream Big,Fear Nothing"-This is a perfect opening track to this album and sets the pace dramatically. The deep-set energy and rhythm of the accompanying piano and drums has a captivating effect in"Shut Up & Live". "Love People,Use Things" reminds us of how things should be if we just stopped and took a deep breath and re-evaluated life. Loved it! "Strong For You" and "Father" are both softer but no less effective . With plaintive and poignant melodies..the vocals are simply fantastic :-) Another track that i loved in this was "Those Crazies"....this has a completely different feel to it as compared to the other songs in the album. Overall a repeat-listen album, where with its hard hitting and soul-stirring qualities, the Lyrics really are the hero :-) 


 5 Out of 5 Stars - Dominic D'Cruz

There's power right from the word go on this album! That crunchy rhythm, phrasing on 'Dream big, fear nothing' is brilliant and to top it off, there's also great vocals and a great guitar solo Strong pertinent message in 'Love people use things' much relevant in the world of today. Arrangements are brilliant...soulful feel on 'Father', easy feel on 'Permanently'...strong feel all around 'Shut up and live. Unique combination of a superb feel and great arrangements!