Originals - Digital Album Download
Originals - Digital Album Download
Originals - Digital Album Download

Originals - Digital Album Download

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  • Original Release Date: April 25, 2006
  • Label: Off the Edge Productions, LLC
  • Copyright: (C) 2005 Off the Edge Productions, LLC
  • Total Length: 26:04

Lyrics and Music Written By: Paul Marturano

  • 1. Other Piece of You
  • 2. Broad Street
  • 3. Meaning of Love
  • 4. Something Real
  • 5. Every Time It Rains
  • 6. I Drink
  • 7. In Her Eyes
  • 8. No Goodbyes

Originals is a refreshing kick back to the story telling musical styles of piano men that come before Paul Marturano like Elton John, Billy Joel, and maybe even a slight touch of Jerry Lee Lewis and Ben Folds.

Originals contains 8 original Paul Marturano piano based rock and ballad tracks performed by Paul Marturano and a host of other musicians.

Originals touches on unique themes that are common to all of us and will remind you of your own life experiences. The CD is full of tunes that will have you grooving in your car, slow dancing with a significant other, laughing with the bar crowd, screaming your head off at the hockey game, and maybe even getting a bit emotionally choked up here and there.

Each song on Originals is a way of communicating a thought, story or theme through voice and instrumentation as opposed to today's industry standard of a techno beat with some one screaming nonsensical gibberish over the top of it.

The CD was recorded in Nashville, TN and in Conshocken, PA with 4 tracks (I Drink, Broad Street, Every Time It Rains & Something Real) were produced by Paul Marturano, Chris Zurzulo and Grammy Award Winning Producer, Ted Greenberg.