Bucks County- Digital Album Download
Bucks County- Digital Album Download
Bucks County- Digital Album Download

Bucks County- Digital Album Download

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  • Original Release Date: September 20, 2007
  • Label: Off the Edge Productiions, LLC
  • Copyright: (C) 2007 Off the Edge Productions, LLC
  • Run Time: 63 minutes

Lyrics and Music Written By: Paul Marturano

  • 1.     Hello Again
  • 2.     Someday
  • 3.     If You Believed in Me
  • 4.     Checking Out the Goods
  • 5.     Strings Attached
  • 6.     The Game
  • 7.     All You Have to Be 
  • 8.     Jealous
  • 9.     Always Love You 
  • 10.   Me and Joe
  • 11.    The Man
  • 12.    Maybe Tomorrow
  • 13.    One and a Half Years Old
  • 14.    On the Day That You’re Born 

Bucks County is a refreshing kick back to the story telling musical styles of piano men that come before Paul Marturano like Elton John, Billy Joel, and maybe even a slight touch of Jerry Lee Lewis and Ben Folds. Bucks County contains 14 original Paul Marturano piano based rock and ballad tracks performed by Paul Marturano (Piano, Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards)Mark Kain (Lead Guitar Rhythm Guitar) Jame Darlington (Bass)and Scott French (Drums)Harmony Vocals were performed by Paul Marturano, Michael Vescera, and Wade Cummins.

The Album was produced by Michael Vescera and Paul Marturano. Bucks County touches on unique themes that are common to all of us and will remind you of your own life experiences. The CD is full of tunes that will have you grooving in your car, slow dancing with a significant other, laughing with the bar crowd, checking out the goods, and maybe even getting a bit emotionally choked up here and there. Each song on Bucks County is a way of communicating a thought, story or theme through voice and instrumentation as opposed to today's industry standard of a techno beat with some one screaming nonsensical gibberish over the top of it. The CD was recorded Bucks County, PA and mixed in Nashville, TN.

5 Out of 5 Stars  Serge Kozlovsky
What does the music of Paul Marturano talk about? These stories are filled with the artist's life experience. The language of the album "Bucks County" is simple and understandable. This project is reminiscent of the works of such celebrities as Elton John and Billy Joel (melodious songs "Someday", "String Attached" or "Always Love You"). Also, the album "Bucks County" has a little jazzy sounding as, for example, the composition "Checking Out the Goods".

The songs of Paul Marturano are full of optimism and energy. They musically return us to the eighties. But a bit of an archaic sound gives a special charm for Paul Marturano's project. The artist definitely has his own style and generously splashes out many emotions on the listeners. I'd like to point out his passionate ballad "Maybe Tomorrow".

The album "Bucks County" has a very interesting special feature. As you listen to it further and further you like Paul Marturano's project more and more. In general, "Bucks County" can be characterized as the music to put you in a good mood.

Serge Kozlovsky
5 Out Of 5 Stars  Matt M. -  RadioIndy Reviews
"Bucks County" by Paul Marturano is a peppy mix of piano and guitar that can appeal to many listeners. Marturano writes piano compositions that take influences from story singers like Billy Joel, Elton John, and John Mellencamp and also delivers a soul coming out of the late 70's. Marturano's vocals are polished and project expression on each and every melodic song. His crisp and clean piano work is highlighted on the track "One And A Half Years Old." His crafty songwriting is best represented by "The Man," an upbeat tune with a bouncy piano line and a crunching guitar on rhythm. Every track has its own separate feeling and charm. "Bucks County" takes the roads well traveled by piano driven Pop/Rock and comes out with an album well worth hearing. Matt M. and the[...] Reviewer Team