Welcome and THANK YOU for your support!!!
Whether you bought something from my store or are on this page to find out about my facebook music community, being able to talk with you in a personal way is the best part of how I like to run my music business.

The music industry is in shambles, but because of the of the internet, you and I have crossed paths! As a musician, this gives me an opportunity to get to know the people who are listening to my songs across the world!!!  
Community is important to me and music is the ultimate way to unify people.  Most of my songs are either inspiring, funny or try to make a point about current issues in the world. 

That's why I created a fun group called Love Laughter Inspiration and Music . I would love to have you there! We share photos, videos, as well as things that inspire us and make life more fulfilling  . Come join us

In addition, I want you to know that when you shop at  The Paul Marturano Music Shop, it enables me to keep making music. There is no big record company profiting off of ridiculously expensive concert tickets here. Your support is actually helping to keep the independent music scene alive! I have been having a blast creating new merchandised based on my music. I feel that the music is only the beginning.  

I am always wanting to improve the experience on my website and my shop, so if you ever have any suggestions - either to improve things, or suggestions for new items, please send them to

If you purchased Items enjoy them!
Thank you again for being part of this amazing community! I hope to meet you in person at a live show soon!!

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